One of the popular features for egress windows and window wells are covers. Covers for your egress windows have a variety of benefits for your home. Because the requirements for basement exit windows create such a large open space along your home’s foundation, a cover on your window wells can be both a functional and aesthetic feature for your home’s exterior. If you are installing new egress windows for your basement remodel project, or if you have existing egress windows that need an upgrade, here are some benefits to installing window well covers for your egress windows.

Limit Debris

No window well cover will completely stop debris from entering your window well, but it can certainly help. Keeping debris out of your window well is especially important for keeping any drains that have been installed clear and working properly. It’s also important to keep debris out of your window wells, and clear of your egress windows, so that should you need to exit your basement in an emergency, you don’t have to worry about windows not opening properly or having a bunch of dirt, leaves and lawn clippings blocking your exit. Debris can also make any decorative linings that you may have installed in your window well, like brick, stone or even decorative metal linings, look dirty and unkempt. You don’t want to look out a window at a bunch of sticks, leaves and dirt, so a cover on your egress window is a perfect way to keep your window wells looking great, too.

Protection from Falls

Sometimes, egress windows don’t end up in the most convenient of locations when it comes to exterior living features. We’ve seen many window wells that end up in patios and close to sidewalks, and when these features are left open, they can end up being a hazard when you are using these spaces. The easiest way to fix this problem is to install a cover over your egress windows. Covers can be designed to hold plenty of weight, so you don’t have to worry about your kids or pets walking over them. And with a ton of style and material options, we can find the right cover to match any home exterior and landscaping features. With an attractive cover for your egress window well, you will know that your window well will blend into your home’s exterior, but also be safe for guests, kids and pets to be around.

Home Security

Besides keeping your family safe by covering an open hole, covers on your home’s egress window wells provide extra security for your home. Egress windows, especially those that are in your backyard or on the side of your home can be an easy way for burglars to enter your home. By installing a locking cover on your egress window wells, you can deter potential thieves from entering your home by creating a secure barrier. These covers lock from the inside, so should you have an emergency, you can easily unlock your cover and exit your basement. Egress window covers provide a safe yet effective security measure for your home.

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