Basement Egress Windows - Frequently Asked Questions

How messy is it?2018-01-26T06:02:02-05:00

Not messy at all. There is no dust and no cutting from the inside.  The interior is prepped with tarps and cloths and we take all other precautions as needed to ensure there is no mess or unnecessary inconveniences in your home.

How long does the installation process take?2018-01-26T06:01:24-05:00

Generally, egress window installation only takes 1 day.

Will I need any permits?2018-01-26T06:00:50-05:00

Yes, but don’t worry.  We handle the whole permit process and set up the required inspection.

Can you install an egress window in a place where there no windows currently?2018-01-26T05:59:57-05:00

Yes! You can put an egress window wherever you’d like.  You’re not limited to where your windows are now. In other words, egress windows aren’t just for enlarging existing windows; they’re also great for creating new window spaces.

How much damage will your equipment do to our yard?2018-01-26T05:59:14-05:00

None.  We have a small excavator & loader and use plywood to build a path in and out of the work area.

Why are egress windows a good choice for basement windows? 2018-01-26T05:56:57-05:00

Cost-effective and value-added, egress windows:

  • Provide additional protection to your family or inhabitants by providing a secondary fire escape
  • Let a lot of additional light into the basement
  • Turn any area of the basement into a legal bedroom
  • Increase your property value
  • Create an ambiance in your basement that makes you feel like you’re not in your basement
Basement Egress Window Installation FAQ - Michiganvv
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