Having a properly installed egress window in your home can provide natural light, ventilation and most importantly, safety. In fact, if you plan on anyone using your basement as their primary living area, an egress window is required by Michigan law so the occupant(s) can easily exit in the event of an emergency.

With the wealth of information available to us on the internet today, do-it-yourselfers are on the rise. So what about egress window installation? Is that a DIY project or better left to a professional installation company?

Installing an egress window may not be as easy as it seems for the average homeowner. Consider hiring an egress window contractor to ensure it looks great, is functional and meets all of the building code requirements in Shelby Twp., Michigan.

Ensure Building Code Compliance

A huge benefit of working with an egress window contractor is that they are up to date on all of the building code requirements.  For example, the egress window must be a specific height above the ground, have a minimum width and height, and a minimum net clear opening. Installing a window that is off by, let’s say, one inch to the left, could mean the living space does not legally pass the safety requirements. So the savings of a DIY project may cost you more in the long run if the window needs to be repaired or worse, torn out and reinstalled. A professional egress window installer will make sure all Shelby Twp. building codes are followed to a T.

Experience in Determining Egress Window Location

In addition to building code requirements, an egress window installer has experience in finding the best location for the window installation. For example, is a new opening required or can you remodel an existing window space? How does the window space match up with heating and return air vents? These are decisions that a professional egress window installer can quickly make to ensure you have the best installation for not only function but for comfort as well.

Avoid Common Installation Mistakes

So you have found the perfect place for your window and it meets all building code requirements. There are still many factors that need to be considered during the installation process. Does your window have the proper grading? Is the drain system installed correctly?  Improperly installed window wells can eventually cause moisture problems and structural issues for your home’s foundation – a repair expense that you do not want to incur.

Contact a Shelby Twp. Egress Window Installer

Many home improvement projects can be completed by the eager do-it-yourselfer. However, an experienced contractor will always provide a higher quality product at the end of the day. But if cost is driving your decision to install an egress window on your own, you must ask yourself, can you afford to start over if the first installation goes awry? If you are looking for an experienced egress window installer in Shelby Twp., contact Easy Exit Egress windows for a FREE QUOTE at 586-205-0351.