If you have recently purchased a newly constructed home in Macomb County, MI, you would probably expect minimal repairs or maintenance – especially compared to an older home.

However, if the newly constructed home was built too quickly and if the contractors did not follow specific quality guidelines, you may find that your new Macomb home will need just as many repairs as an older model.

At Easy Exit Egress Windows we receive many calls from homeowners with newer homes in Macomb County that need Egress window repair or maintenance. Here are some common problems we find in newer homes.

Improper Grading

Depending on the installation, this type of repair can range anywhere from an easy fix to a complicated task.

It is crucial that egress windows are installed above the grade of the soil and the soil needs to slope away from the egress window. Unfortunately, there are certain builders do not take the time to follow these guidelines resulting in a window at or below the soil grade.

When your egress window is installed below the soil grade, this can cause water and debris to build up at the window base and eventually prevent the window from opening in an emergency.

Foundation Problems

Another problem with the improper installation of egress windows is that the wells will eventually pull away and separate from your home’s foundation creating costly structural problems for you down the road. If you see any signs of your egress window well separating from the foundation, contact an egress window company to address any repairs before they become complicated structural issues.

Improperly Installed Drains

Egress windows and wells are attached to the drain system of your home’s foundation. If your window is installed correctly, it will have a drain that taps into your home’s foundation system to direct the water away from your egress window.

However, if the window drain isn’t installed properly or is too low in the well, soil and debris will eventually accumulate which can make your egress window difficult to open or even worse, cause structural damages to your home.

Too Much Gravel

Gravel or pea stone is installed as a permeable material allowing water to filter through easily, and serve as a foundation for those that may need to exit through window during an emergency.

It is important that the level of gravel in your egress window sits below the window sill. If there is too much gravel installed, water can get too close to the window, resulting in leaks and damage to the inside of your basement.

I Need More Information an Egress Window Repairs in Macomb County, MI

Purchasing a new home in Macomb County can reduce the amount of repairs and maintenance required with an older home. However, even a newly constructed home may come with many repairs if contractors do not take the proper precautions and rush through the building process.  If you suspect that your new home’s egress windows aren’t installed correctly, Easy Exit Egress Windows can help. For more information on our window repair services, or to schedule a FREE estimate for installation in Macomb County, call us today at (586) 205-0351.