Thinking About a Basement Remodel? Call an Egress Expert First!

If you are considering a basement remodel project, you probably have a lot of ideas and are working on gathering a list of contractors that you will need to hire to complete the work. Many of our Macomb County clients didn’t think about the importance of including an egress window expert to their list of contractors. In many cases, your basement remodel, if substantial enough will require the installation of egress windows. If you are remodeling your basement, here is why you need to consult with a egress window expert first.

Building Code Requirements

One thing that many Macomb County homeowners that are doing their remodel on their own forget about is the importance of meeting building codes. These codes are designed to ensure that your home or building is safe for all occupants. Older homes often don’t have egress windows in their basements, and some newer homes don’t have egress windows in the right place. When you include our egress window experts in your basement remodel project, we can help you ensure that your new basement is not only great looking, but is also safe and meets building codes.

The Best Spot for New Windows

To go along with meeting the requirements for building codes, if your basement remodel will include plans for a bedroom, you will want to know the correct location for that bedroom, and where to install the new window. Basement bedrooms must have a full egress window, so installing a new egress window in the location of your bedroom is a must. Along with finding the best spot for this window, we can also make suggestions for the best location for your bedroom. For example, keeping this sleeping space away from the mechanical room is not only important for safety, but it also reduces noise and creates a peaceful sleeping space.

New Opening vs. Older Window

When we help you with your basement remodel, it’s likely that you are going to want to keep changes to your foundation to a minimum. One of our jobs as a egress window installation contractor on your basement remodel project is to help you understand when you can use an existing, smaller window as a starting place for a new egress window or if you will need to create a completely new window space. In many instances the location of the window will be determined by where heating vents and return air vents are placed. If these don’t match up with your existing windows, you’ll have to cut new holes in your foundation for your egress windows.

Do it Right the First Time

If you include us in your project, before you start your plans, we can help you do the project right, the first time. Our egress window experts will be able to show you the right place for each egress window, and help you meet building code requirements before you ever start your project. There is nothing worse than completing a beautiful basement remodel project, complete with new drywall, plumbing, electrical and flooring, and having to tear it up or rearrange everything to install an egress window. Get your project done right the first time, by including an egress window expert in your remodel planning.

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