If you are thinking about remodeling your basement, you more than likely have many ideas of what you would like to add.  Whether your plans include an exciting game room, a wine cellar or just a quiet place to watch your favorite TV shows, don’t forget to consider the importance of adding egress windows to the list of your new installations.

Egress windows can provide natural light and ventilation to your basement and serve as a safely feature providing an easy exit in an emergency and additional access for emergency responders.

If you are remodeling your basement, here are 3 reasons you should contact an Oakland County egress window professional.

Meet Building Code Requirements

Many Oakland County homeowners that are Do-it-Yourself remodelers forget about meeting specific building codes. These codes are in place to make sure your home is safe for all people occupying the premises. If a building inspector finds that your egress window does not comply with these building codes, you may find yourself tearing everything out and starting over or making costly repairs.

Consulting with an egress window expert will ensure that your new window looks great, functions properly and meets building codes for Oakland County, Michigan.

Find the Best Place for Egress Windows

If you plan on adding a bedroom to your basement, you will want to determine the best location for the bedroom and new egress window. In fact, one building code you must follow is that any basement bedroom must have access to a full egress window. An Oakland County egress window expert can help you choose the optimal bedroom location for both safety and comfort.

Determine if a New Window Opening is Required

When remodeling your basement you will want to keep expenses to a minimum which means avoiding changes to your foundation if possible. An egress window professional can help you determine if you can remodel an existing window space into a new egress window or if you will need to create a new opening in another location. Typically the proper window location will depend on where your heating and return air vents are installed. If they don’t match up with your existing basement windows, you’ll have to install a new opening in your foundation to make room for your new egress windows.

Im Ready to Consult with the Best Egress Window Company in Oakland County!

Consulting with an Oakland County egress window professional will ensure your windows are installed correctly the first time, saving you potential headaches in the long run. The experts at Easy Exit Egress Windows can help you choose the best place for basement windows, follow correct installation to avoid leaks and damage and make sure you meet all building code requirements.

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If you are getting ready to remodel your basement, be sure to include a professional in the planning process – before you start remodeling. For more information on egress windows or to schedule a FREE estimate in Oakland County, call Easy Exit Egress Windows today at (586) 205-0351.