The basement is the most overlooked place in the house and often ends up being a store room. Basements can provide with a lot of valuable space and be properly utilized. Instead of just being a store, the shabby and scruffy basement can be a lot more. It could be converted into a hobby room, or a spare room to accommodate your family member. By converting the basement you will not just have an extra room, but as an added bonus, the value of your house also increases.

To convert your basement into a living space, as a legal requirement, you are required to install an egress window with your basement. The egress window is a safety measure that can be used as an exit in case of an emergency. Interestingly, egress literally means a way to go out.

Benefits of Installing Egress Window

Installing an egress window is a great idea. In addition to it being a legal requirement there are several added benefits.

The first return you get immediately after installing a proper, high quality egress window is the increase of your home’s value which easily surpasses the money you invested in installing the window.

When installed properly, egress windows can bring in natural light to brighten up your dull basement.

When installed by an expert contractor, egress windows can make your house look beautiful both from the outside and the inside.

And of course, installing an egress window can make the basement useable. The basement will be safe to use, providing a secure exit in case of fire and other emergencies.

Things That Can Go Wrong When Installing an Egress Window

Egress windows are very useful. But, if care is not taken when installing these windows there is plenty that can go wrong. Here are the top reasons why egress windows can go wrong.

Hiring an inexperienced contractor for installation or handling the project yourself can literally spill water on your investment. Egress windows need to be waterproofed when installed. Since the basement is lower than ground level, rain water, snow or any other similar situation can easily flood your basement through the egress window if it is not properly installed. The windows need to be designed with a well and it is necessary that the well includes a proper drain system. The well if filled with water can exert pressure on the window causing it to break and all the water flowing in the basement causing serious damage.

When installing the window, it is important that all the legal requirements are fulfilled. Otherwise, your investment will not reap you any benefits.

Make sure that you ask the contractor to use high quality material that will be aesthetically pleasing, durable, long lasting and capable of fighting all the natural elements without getting damaged.

Final Thoughts

Having an egress window installed in the house is important. Making the basement a useful living space and also increasing the value of your house when you are selling it. But being tempted to hire a non professional will make you pay more than you intended.  For more information, give us a call at 586-205-0351.  We look forward to hearing from you!